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Hi! I’m so glad that you found this place of curated interior decorations here at CREATIVE BOUTIQUE Natural Home Decor. My name is Agnieszka and I’m from Warsaw (Poland). I’m passionate about creating living space with beautiful unique accessories. I’m inspired by faded coastal, urban farmhouse and natural Bohemian chic.

I love travelling. Asia and Bali are my beloved destinations which inspire my style and taste. I truly admire the local craft.

As Clara I would like to share pieces of my design and craft, here at CREATIVE BOUTIQUE. My wooden beads are hand painted to achieve a delicate vintage look and still show the texture. You can still enjoy the warmth of wood at your home.

My pillows include natural materials as jute and linen to get rustic farmhouse look. I love colors so you will find neutrals, pastels, black and white accessories here. I hope you can match them with your home vibe and create a welcoming home.

I love colors so you will find neutrals, bold, black and white accessories here. I believe you can create a welcoming home:

You can find all my products on ETSY, but if you are from Poland and you are interested in my products, please write to me. I am currently preparing an online store, but now I can prepare an offer especially for you: creativeboutiqueshop@gmail.com

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